A PR Trick that Bloggers May Not Know

As bloggers, working with a good PR agency has its advantages. You get invited to cool events, you occasionally receive free products and you get the praise for your contribution when you post a blog in return.

We covered before than any blog post you write, any giveaway or competition is considered free advertising. But PR have a sneaky way of getting more information out of you.

If you’re into monetising your blog, and you receive a query from a PR agency about how much you charge for ads, don’t get excited. They have no intention of advertising on your blog. It’s a PR trick that they use to know is how much your blog post (ie the free ad you ran for them) is worth so they can report on it to their client.

Sometimes they ask you to reveal your blog statistics, such as how many page views and unique visitors you get per month. This is for the same purpose. If you’re not comfortable revealing numbers, don’t feel pressured to do so. They can always approximate figures and give them to their clients.

Bloggers and PR can work well together, provided it’s a win-win situation.

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2 thoughts on “A PR Trick that Bloggers May Not Know

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